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More than just a headache: migraine sufferers suffer from the consequences of migraines. The impact on work and private life is significant. Effective, innovative approaches, such as the positive influence of migraine-friendly workplaces, are needed.

Hirnschlag -was folgt danach? Wieso die Schweiz eine Patientenorganisation braucht

The lack of a dedicated patient organization for stroke survivors in Switzerland has led to a public event being held on this topic.

Other countries have successfully established such organizations and it is important to take up this topic to discuss the possibility of creating a similar institution in Switzerland.

The aim of this event is to highlight the importance of patient organizations for stroke survivors, provide insights into the process of establishing such an organization, and lead a discussion on why there is no such organization in Switzerland and what steps are needed to change this.


Swiss Brain Health Plan

With the aim of raising awareness of brain health at all stages of life and implementing strategies for prevention and change, the Swiss Brain Health Plan 2023-33, one of the first worldwide, was launched.

Article on RSI

A toothbrush for the brain

From 2023 to 2033, a state-of-the-art national brain health plan will run through Switzerland
Claudio Bassetti: 'Raising awareness for prevention'

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Gesundes Gehirn

The Swiss Brain Health Plan is presented today in the article "Gesundes Gehirn".

Article in the Swiss Medical Journal (SÄZ)


Medienmitteilung: Swiss Brain Health Plan – Startschuss der mehrjährigen Initiative

Am 22. November 2023 findet das SFCNS Swiss Brain Health Stakeholder Kick-off Meeting im Kunsthaus Zürich statt. Der Anlass ist öffentlich, der Einlass ist kostenfrei. Die Medienkonferenz findet am Vormittag statt.