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The Journal Clinical and Translation Neuroscience (CTN) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing transdisciplinary research. It is the response to the urge to bridge clinical and basic neuroscience and the different clinical neuro-disciplines. The journal‘s mission is to provide neuroscientists with outstanding articles that enhance patient care, education, and professionalism. As of July 1st 2021, the CTN Journal is published by MDPI, based in Basel. You can find all information regarding the Journal on their Website.

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SFCNS Swiss Brain Health Plan 2023-2033

This Swiss Brain Health Plan implements the Swiss Brain Health Strategy in accordance with the EAN Brain Health Strategy, launched by the WHO and the European Academy of Neurology EAN in 2022.

The joint goal is awareness creation about brain health as a whole and to initiate prevention programs. The strategic task force of the Swiss Brain Health Plan consists of the authors of the publication "The Swiss Brain Health Plan 2023-2033".