World Brain Day | 22 July 2022

It is estimated that about 146,500 people with dementia live in Switzerland. Every year, about 31,375 new cases are diagnosed. The most common form of dementia (approx. 60%) is Alzheimer's dementia. The economic costs are immense.

On World Brain Day, 22 July 2022, neurologists, institutions and patient associations worldwide are focusing on the importance of brain health, because:

  • many brain diseases are preventable,
  • access to treatment and rehabilitation is essential for brain health,
  • brain health is crucial for mental, social and physical well-being.

The SFCNS and the Swiss Neurological Society (SNS) aim to inform the public and pools expert knowledge in an interdisciplinary way, in the sense of strong neurology. For the media release of the Swiss Neurological Society (SNS) on World Brain Day in german, click here. For th emedia release release of the Swiss Neurological Society (SNS) in french, click here.