SFCNS Swiss Brain Health Plan Kick-Off Stakeholder Meeting | Nov 22 2023, Kunsthaus Zürich

The SFCNS Swiss Brain Health Plan Kick-Off Meeting will take place on November 22, 2023 from 13:00-18:00 at the Kunsthaus Zurich.

The SFCNS Swiss Brain Health Plan implements the Swiss Brain Health Strategy in accordance with the EAN Brain Health Strategy, launched by the WHO and the European Academy of Neurology EAN in 2022.The joint goal is awareness creation about brain health as a whole and to initiate prevention programs. The strategic task force of the Swiss Brain  Health Plan consists of the about 50 authors of the publication «The Swiss Brain Health Plan 2023-2033».

The Swiss Brain Health Plan will be developed further by SFCNS as it involves many specialties of the neuro field. The goal of the Kick-Off Meeting is information and awareness creation among all stakeholders i.e. politics, hospitals, patient organizations, researchers, insurances, companies and finally the public.