The Young Clinical Neuroscientists (YouCliN) Network within the SFCNS

  • brings together juniors across all clinical neuroscience disciplines united within the SFCNS
  • lends them a unified voice and represents their interests
  • pursues the interdisciplinary development of clinical and academic training opportunities in clinical neuroscience
  • established on 29 September 2016 during the SFCNS Congress in Basel



YouCliN Steering Committee 2019-2020

YouCliN Executive Committee

  • Chair: PD Dr. med. Arseny Sokolov, Lausanne
  • Vice-Chair: PD Dr. med.  Martin N. Stienen, Zürich
  • Secretary: Dr. phil. Olivia Zindel-Geisseler, Zürich

YouCliN Steering Committee

A committee with 2 junior representatives per clinical neuroscience discipline:

  • Biological Psychiatry: Dr. phil. Indrit Bègue, Genève; Dr. med. Dr. phil. Camille Pigue, Genève
  • Neurology: Dr. med. Elisabeth Roggenhofer, Genève; Dr. med. Isabelle Beuchat, Lausanne
  • Neuropathology: Dr. med. Nikolaus Deigendesch, Basel; Dr. med. Dr. phil. Regina Reimann, Zürich; Dr. med. Jürgen Hench, Basel
  • Neuropediatrics: Dr. med. Sandrine Cornaz-Buros, Bern; Dr. med. Gabriela Oesch, Zürich
  • Neuroradiology: Dr. med. Iliya Peyneshki; Dr. med. Silvia Pistocchi, Lausanne
  • Neurosurgery: Dr. med. Constantin Tuleasca, Lille/Lausanne; PD Dr. med.  Martin N. Stienen, Zürich
  • Neuropsychology: Charlène Moser, MSc, Lausanne; Dr. phil. Olivia Zindel-Geisseler, Zürich



Actual projects

We are working on these projects currently:


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