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Swiss Brain Health Plan


According to the five strategic goals of Swiss Brain Health Plan (SBHP), we develop and support projects that address one or more of these objectives. This includes the organization of events where we contribute through our collaboration and expertise. You can find an overview of these events under the "Events - SBHP" tab.

Further down you will find an overview of current projects.



The five strategic objectives of the Swiss Brain Health Plan are:

1) Awareness about brain health

2) Interprofessional training

3) Research on brain health determinants

4) Brain health promotion for prevention

5) Empowering patients and caregivers

Certificate of Advanced Studies on Brain Health

The CAS in Brain Health at the University of Bern, starting in December 2024, focuses on equipping professionals with advanced skills in promoting brain health.

100% Online (live online and prerecorded lectures)


Online information events:

Wed, 19 June 2024 5:00 PM (swiss time)
Tue, 01 October 2024 5:00 PM (swiss time)


The registration window is open until 31 October 2024.


A Swiss Brain Health Plan Initiative by the SHS

migraine friendly workspace

excellent environment for employees affected by migraine

Promote your migraine friendly workspace with the e3 label from the Swiss Headache Society (SHS). Encourage talents to join your company demonstrating optimal workspace conditions and show, that you are a progressive employer.

Research on brain health determinants - Exchange with IHME

The IHME Brain Health Initiative

First Annual Report by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), University of Washington


Identify and quantify the conditions that make up “Brain Health”

Brain health refers to how the brain functions across multiple areas, including mental, cerebrovascular, neurological, and sensory functions. We know that disorders of the brain represent a significant proportion of health loss across a persons’ life course, which is why our first goal was to produce the data-driven evidence needed to guide policy decisions and resource allocation in this area.








"Brain Health goes beyond the absence of disease to embrace all brain functions (cognitive, emotional, behavioral, creative) which are necessary to cope with life situations and for a happy, productive, and creative life. In fact there is not health without brain health."

Professor Claudio Bassetti
Past President of European Academy of Neurology
First Annual Report by the IHME