Swiss Stroke Committee

The Swiss Stroke Committee integrates delegates from the various clinical neuro societies, intensive care and general internal medicine and represents all disciplines that have to be integrated in comprehensive stroke centers and in stroke units.



PD Dr. Susanne Renaud, Neurologie*, Neuchâtel (President)
Prof. Dr. med. Philippe Lyrer, Neurologie, Basel (Past-President)
Prof. Dr. med. Marcel Arnold, Neurologie, Bern
Prof. Dr. med. Ralf Baumgartner, Neurologie, Zürich
Prof. Dr med. Philippe Bijlenga, Neurochirurgie*, Genf
Alexia Candal, Logopädie, Neuchâtel
Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Engelter, Neurologie*, Basel
Prof. Dr. med. Javier Fandino, Neurochirurgie, Aarau
Prof. Dr. med. Yvan Gasche, Intensivmedizin, Genf
PD Dr. med. Georg Kägi, Neurologie*, St. Gallen
Dr. med. Martin Liesch, Allgemeine Innere Medizin, Schiers
Prof. Dr. med. Karl-Olov Lövblad, Neuroradiologie, Genf
Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Luft, Neurologie, Zürich
Prof. Dr. med. Marco Maggiorini, Intensivmedizin, Zürich
Prof. Dr. med. Heinrich Mattle, Neurologie, Bern
Prof. Dr. med. Patrik Michel, Neurologie, Lausanne
Michaela Mordasini, Neuroradiologie, Bern
Doris Mösinger, Pflege, Vitznau
Prof. Dr. med. René Müri, Neurologie, Bern
Prof. Dr. med. Krassen Nedeltchev, Neurologie, Aarau
Prof. Dr. med. Luca Remonda, Neuroradiologie*, Aarau
Dr. med. Heinz Schaad, SGAIM, Interlaken
Prof. Dr. med. Karl Schaller, Neurochirurgie (ex officio SFCNS Präsident), Genf
Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Schroth, Neuroradiologie, Bern
Dr. med. Guido Schwegler, Neurologie, Schlieren
Prof. Dr. med. Maja Steinlin, Neuropädiatrie, Bern
Prof. Dr med. Roman Sztajzel, Neurologie, Genf
Prof. Dr. med. Anton Valavanis (ex officio SFCNS Past-Präsident), Zürich
Katrien Van Den Keybus Déglon, Physio, Lausanne


Members of the Certification Committee (*Task Force):

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Engelter, Neurologie, Basel (President)
PD Dr. Susanne Renaud, Neurologie, Neuchâtel (Vice-President)
PD Dr. med. Georg Kägi, Neurologie, St. Gallen
Prof. Dr. med. Luca Remonda, Neuroradiologie, Aarau
PD Dr. med. Philippe Bijlenga, Neurochirurgie, Genf