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The Journal Clinical and Translation Neuroscience is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing transdisciplinary research. It is the response to the urge to bridge clinical and basic neuroscience and the different clinical neuro-disciplines. The journal‘s mission is to provide neuroscientists with outstanding articles that enhance patient care, education, and professionalism.


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Editorial Board: 


Prof. Dr. med. C. Bassetti, Berne         Prof. Dr. med. A. Valavanis, Zurich
Prof. Dr. med. A. Adamantidis, Berne         Prof. Dr. med. J.M. Annoni, SNS and SSBN
Prof. Dr. med. A. Chan, Berne         Prof. Dr. med. H. Clusmann, Germany
Prof. Dr. med. R. Du Pasquier, Lausanne         Dr. med. S. Duss, Berne
PD Dr. med. A. Gantenbein, SKG         PD Dr. med. O. Gautschi, Lucerne
Prof. Dr. med. J. Gralla, SSNR         Prof. Dr. med. L. Hirt, Lausanne
Prof. Dr. med. L. Kappos, Basel         Prof. Dr. med. A. Kleinschmidt, Geneva
Prof. Dr. med. Ch. Lüscher, Geneva         Prof. Dr. med. K. O. Lövblad, Geneva
Prof. Dr. med. Ph. Lyrer, SSS         Prof. Dr. med. T. Meling, Norway
Prof. Dr. med. A. Raabe, Berne
        Prof. Dr. med. M. Reinert, Lugano
Dr. med. M. Ringli, Berne
        Prof. Dr. F. Sallusto, Bellinzona
Prof. Dr. med. K. Schaller, Geneva
        Prof. Dr. med. M. Schwab, Zurich
Prof. Dr. med. A. Schnider, Geneva
        Prof. Dr. med. M. Seeck, Geneva
PD Dr. med. A. Sokolov, Lausanne
        Prof. Dr. med. S. Spektor, Israel
Prof. Dr. med. D. Straumann, Zurich
        Prof. Dr. med. L. Studer, USA
Prof. Dr. med. B. Tettenborn, St. Gallen
        Dr. med. E. Taub, Basel
Prof. Dr. med. T. Yousry, UK



Supporting Societies

Swiss Federation of Clinical Neurosocieties (SFCNS)

Swiss Neurological Society (SNS)

Swiss Society of Neuroradiology(SSNR)

Swiss Society of Neurosurgery (SSNS)

Swiss Headache Society (SHS)

Swiss Society for Neurorehabilitation (SGNRehab)

Swiss Society for Behavioural Neurology (SSBN)

Swiss Stroke Society (SSS)



Supporting Company







Supporting Foundations and Institutions

  • Stiftung für Forschung in Parkinson und Bewegungsstörungen
  • Fondation pour le progrès en Neurologie 
  • Fondazione Neuroscienze Ticino 
  • The Universitarian Neurocenters of Switzerland (Basel, Berne, Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich)



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