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The Journal Clinical and Translation Neuroscience (CTN) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing transdisciplinary research. It is the response to the urge to bridge clinical and basic neuroscience and the different clinical neuro-disciplines. The journal‘s mission is to provide neuroscientists with outstanding articles that enhance patient care, education, and professionalism.


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Editorial Board


Prof. Dr. Claudio L.A. Bassetti, Bern


Prof. Dr. Antonios Valavanis, Zürich

Associate Editors

Prof. Dr. Raphael Guzman, Basel
Prof. Dr. Karl-Olof Lövblad, Geneva
Prof. Dr. Smita Saxena, Bern
Prof. Dr. Dominik Straumann, Zurich
Prof. Dr. Susanne Wegener, Zurich

Editorial Board Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Antoine Adamantidis, Bern
Prof. Dr. Adriano Aguzzi, Zurich
Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Annoni, Fribourg
Prof. Dr. Andrew Chan, Bern
Prof. Dr. Renaud Du Pasquier, Lausanne
Prof. Dr. Thierry Ettlin, Rheinfelden
Prof. Dr. Giovanni B. Frisoni, Geneva
Dr. Andreas R. Gantenbein, Zurzach
Dr. Oliver P. Gautschi, Luzern
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Hirt, Lausanne
Prof. Dr. Ludwig Kappos, Basel
Prof. Dr. Andreas Kleinschmidt, Geneva
Prof. Dr. Christian Lüscher, Geneva
Prof. Dr. Philippe Lyrer, Basel
Prof. Dr. Torstein Meling, Geneva
Prof. Dr. Doron Merkler, Geneva
Prof. Dr. Caroline Pot, Lausanne
Prof. Dr. Andreas Raabe, Bern
Prof. Dr. Michael Reinert, Lugano
Prof. Dr. Federica Sallusto, Bellinzona/Zurich
Prof. Dr. Peter Sandor, Bad Zurzach
Prof. Dr. Karl Schaller, Geneva
Prof. Dr. Armin Schnider, Geneva
Prof. Dr. Martin Schwab, Zurich
Prof. Dr. Margitta Seeck, Geneva
Dr. Arseny Sokolov, Bern
Dr. Alexander Tarnutzer, Baden
Dr. Ethan Taub, Basel

Section Editors

Dr. Alexander Tarnutzer, Baden: "Diagnostic Errors"
Dr. Arseny Sokolov, Bern: "Young Neuroscientists"
Dr. Olivier Walusinsky, France: "History of Neuroscience"
Dr. Andreas R. Gantenbein, Zurzach: Special issue «Headache» (2020)

Editorial Board International

Prof. Foad Abd-Allah, Egypt
Dr. Rufus Akinyemi, Nigeria
Associate Prof. Dr. Kavita Babu, India
Prof. Dr. Dr. Chiara Cirelli, USA
Prof. Dr. Hans Clusmann, Germany
Dr. Bernadette Fitzgibbon, Australia
Prof. Dr. Flavio Fröhlich, USA
Prof. Dr. Claudio Hetz, Chile
Prof. Dr. Nihar R. Jana, India
Prof. Dr. Igor J. Koralnik, USA
Prof. Dr. Tiit Mathiesen, Denmark
Associate Prof. Pembe Hande Ozdinler, USA
Prof. Dr. Massimo Pandolfo, Belgium
Dr. Hélène M. Puccio, France
Associate Prof. Javier Romero, USA
Prof. Dr. Ipsita Roy, India
Prof. Dr. Rajesh Singh, India
Dr. Sergey Spektor, Israel
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Studer, USA
Prof. Dr. Jian Wang, China
Prof. Dr. Tarek Yousry, UK

Editorial Board Office

Dr. Maya Ringli, Managing Editor
Inselspital Bern, Universitätsklinik für Neurologie, Freiburgstrasse 18, 3010 Bern
Mail,  Phone +41 31 632 33 40




Supporting Societies

Swiss Federation of Clinical Neurosocieties (SFCNS)

Swiss Neurological Society (SNS)

Swiss Society of Neuroradiology(SSNR)

Swiss Society of Neurosurgery (SSNS)

Swiss Headache Society (SHS)

Swiss Society for Neurorehabilitation (SGNRehab)

Swiss Stroke Society (SSS)


Supporting Companies 2019


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