The Young Clinical Neuroscientists (YouCliN) Network within the SFCNS:

  • brings together juniors across all clinical neuroscience disciplines united within the SFCNS
  • lends them a unified voice and represents their interests
  • pursues the interdisciplinary development of clinical and academic training opportunities in clinical neuroscience
  • established on 29 September 2016 during the SFCNS Congress in Basel


SFCNS Summer School

The SFCNS Summer School takes place for the first time in 2017 and is aimed mainly at young clinical neuroscientists who are developing expertise.

YouCliN Structure

President: A. Sokolov, Lausanne


A committee with 2 junior representatives per clinical neuroscience discipline:


Biological Psychiatry: P. Baumann, Lausanne; C. Piguet, Geneva

Neurology: R. Kurmann, Bern; A. Sokolov, Lausanne

Neuropathology: J. Hench, Basel; R. Reimann, Zurich

Neuropediatrics: S. Bigi, Bern; B. Bölsterli, Zurich

Neuroradiology: N. Hainc, Basel; A. Tyndall, Basel

Neurosurgery: A. El Rahal, Geneva; M. Stienen, Zurich

Neuropsychology: P. d‘Honincthun, Lausanne; O. Geisseler, Zurich