SFCNS Mandate in highly specialised medicine (IV-HSM)

In Switzerland, highly specialized medicine is currently being restructured in terms of coordination and concentration, in line with the intercantonal agreement.


Highly specialized medicine (HSM) encompasses all medical areas and performances characterized by their rarity, high potential for innovation, demanding personal and technical resources, and complex management procedures (intercantonal agreement for HSM [IAHSM]).


Highly-specialized patient care, physician training, and continuous education, as well as clinical research in the HSM areas will be concentrated in centres where infrastructure, scientific knowledge and experience, as well as the highest patient case numbers are available.


Certification has been established as a precondition for this mission, and the first mandates for certification process implementation have been transferred to the SFCNS, the umbrella association of all Swiss neuro-societies.



SFCNS and certification

The SFCNS coordinates the implementation of three decisions taken by the Swiss Conference of the Cantonal Ministers of Public Health, its Decision Board, and Scientific Committee on HSM. Currently under concern are the stroke field and two neurosurgery areas, in other words deep brain stimulation surgery and refractory epilepsy surgery in adults.


Individual certification committees are coordinating the implementation, bringing together delegates from the various clinical neuroscience, intensive care, and general internal medicine fields. In collabora-tion with an accredited institution, these committees are charged with elaborating certification criteria and implementing certification processes.


The objective of certification is primarily to ensure quality assurance and health care excellence. For further information, please consult our website www.sfcns.ch


For detailed information about the Swiss Conference of the Cantonal Ministers of Public Health GDK, please hava a look at www.gdk-cds.ch


See GDK decision for stroke centres PDF
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